My Constellation of Clients & Collaborators

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What Clients & Collaborators Are Saying

“Rachael's workshop for our Domi staff to explore our team agreements was eye-opening. Her methodical approach provided concrete data and identified a brewing concern before it became a critical issue. We are a better-adjusted and cohesive team today thanks to Rachael's keen insight and engaging facilitation.” 

Antonio Montoya, Executive Director, Domi Station

 "Rachael is a joy to work with -- simultaneously a grounding force and a bringer of fresh perspective.  She is diligent and organized, and gifted at both creating forms/structures that draw out people's best thinking and work, while "reading the room," flexing, and responding when and where needed.  She brings her whole self into the work she does and creates space that invites others to do the same."

Alice Evans, Executive Director, Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network

"Your facilitation was on point, you created a safe and welcoming container, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You inspire me to really show up authentically and not be afraid to use my voice and lean into my unique superpowers." 

Susan Lightfoot Schempf, Associate Director, Wallace Center at Winrock International

“My time with Rachael provided me a tremendous amount of clarity on moving forward with the outward/public message for my organization. She very clearly journeyed me through a process by asking key questions around what I wanted to achieve through centering how my organizations message is operationalized. I left feeling more confident and capable of creating a language that expresses our values through transparency and a call to action.”

Roc Rochon, Founder of Rooted Resistance, LLC

“In this brave new world of virtual meetings, it is such a pleasure to work with Rachael.  She helped our team plan a successful, inspiring event in a virtual space where we had little experience. Her work covered all aspects: planning, logistics, and providing input on how to best engage participants. Rachael was integral in eliciting useable insights and spearheading meaningful evaluation. Our team felt so refreshed, energized, and participants left the event feeling engaged and better informed. Rachael shines in this work and allowed us to expand our capacity and go above and beyond in our services to our network. We hope to work with her again in a future capacity.”

Mary Hathaway, Fresh Access Bucks Manager, Feeding Florida

“I'm so appreciative of the presence you brought to our calls, especially your ability to reflect & clarify comments & questions, your eloquence & ability to integrate new information within the tools (or use of them), and your calm centeredness” 

Jessica Conrad, Strategic Communications Manager, Garfield Foundation