As changemakers, how do we position our work at the intersection of strategic systems change, collaboration, and equity?

My approach is guided by these essential principles:

  • Embrace complexity, uncertainty, and emergence. 

  • Align actions with values through embodiment.

  • Engage in personal healing as a prerequisite to larger scale impact. The world needs our whole selves.

  • Trust that people possess the potential, intelligence, courage, and ability to solve their own problems.

Strategic Systems Change


​​Over ten years of experience in non-profit and changemaking spaces has shown me that we are not making the gains that we need in order to address the root causes of the increasingly severe and complex challenges that we collectively seek to solve.

To create transformative changes, we must design strategic interventions that create collective impact across systems. I have been trained in systems practice with:



In every changemaking space I have belonged, there has been a collective desire for collaboration. Simultaneously, there has largely been a crucial dearth of collaborative skills. This is hardly surprising given that many of us are socialized to understand success as a function of competition - we are trained to be competitive, not collaborative. This lack of collaborative capacity creates a critical block to co-creating strategic systems change. Afterall, systems don’t change in isolation.

Collaboration manifests in the ways we make decisions, communicate, navigate conflict, and acknowledge power, rank, & identity.

Collaboration tools and philosophies I have trained in include: 




I approach equity work in two different ways. First, by supporting groups that are committed to dismantling oppressive systems & practices while simultaneously shifting culture & process to be practically grounded in equity. We'll work together to develop practical operations that align your organization's values with your internal processes and external actions. Second, I offer the insights I have gained over the past eight years of deepening my own racial consciousness and maturing my anti-racism practice to other white folks who are committed to raising their racial consciousness in order to take action against racism. I seek to align my actions with my values by centering accountability; taking risks; prioritizing relationships; leveraging my privilege, power, & access; and inviting other white folks into the work of dismantling white supremacy.


I have investigated my privilege, invested in my healing, and trained in anti-racism with: