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I tailor my facilitation to your specific need. We'll work together to develop an objectives-based agenda to meet your goals and design a felt experience that invites authenticity & clarity. I support organizations & networks with strategy development, visioning, action planning, group dynamics, culture shift, & stakeholder engagement. My approach to facilitation is rooted in the Training for Change school of thought and deeply influenced by my teachers & mentors Joseph McIntyre, Miles GordonYotam Marom, & Annabel Membrillo Jimenez.

Deep Equity

I support groups who have an orientation towards social justice develop & operationalize a liberatory consciousness. I will support your team to see more clearly where you are in your diversity, equity, inclusion, & liberation journey and look more closely at both the perceived issues and the actual issues. We'll identify what is working, what needs to change, explore possibilities, co-create actionable plans to address structural inequity, & implement the necessary changes. My deep equity praxis is informed by White People Confronting Racism, White AwakeVISIONS, Inc., and my anti-racist mentor Jen Willsea.

Systems Change

​​I work with groups to see more clearly the root causes of the increasingly severe and complex challenges that we collectively seek to solve, and to develop effective interventions & strategies. My approach is both systematic and systemic. Systematic in that my approach is orderly and methodical, working from the perceived issue to the actual issue to what’s possible to implementation. Systemic in that I deploy a set of skills and tools that enables us to look deeply at what is and what is aspired to so we can act wisely. I have worked with and learned from a talented network of systems change practitioners including The Garfield Foundation, The Omidyar Group, The Institute for Strategic Clarity, and The School of Systems Change

Virtual Event Production

I support organizations & networks to adapt in-person trainings, convenings, and workshops into online offerings. I coordinate the technology logistics for virtual gatherings and create an accessible online environment that invites engagement and participation. I will work with you to design your virtual gathering and serve as the behind the scenes host to ensure a productive and engaging experience. My largest virtual event to date is the 2020 Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network forum, a 10-day event featuring 25 standalone workshops: "A HUGE thanks to Resist Reimagine for helping transition our in-person event into an engaging and impactful online convening. We could not have done the Forum without your organization, expertise, and foresight!⁠"⠀

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