About Rachael

I am a bridge builder, practiced in the art of connecting with people across many lines of difference. 

Recent Partners & Projects


Facilitation: Designed & facilitated a half-day visioning session for 75 people representing a statewide network of farmers markets.

Consulting: Conducted research to understand resident leaders' motivations, visions, priorities, existing funding streams, and barriers to civic engagement and made recommendations for ioby's future staffing structure in the Southeastern United States.

Facilitation: Designed & facilitated session to help client clearly see group agreements and their impact on group experience & outcomes.

Facilitation & Consulting: Co-facilitated a series of capacity building sessions and trained client to move through empowering, productive, collaborative decision making processes.

Facilitation & Peer Coaching: Partnered with the Mississippi Food Justice Collaborative & Alabama Sustainable Agricultural Network to design & facilitate an interactive session for white food systems practitioners who strive to further racial equity in their work and their lives.

Facilitation: The Racial Wealth Gap Simulation is an interactive workshop that helps people understand the connections among racial equity, hunger, poverty, and wealth. The simulation is suitable for groups of varying ages and sizes and is available by request.

Facilitation & Peer Coaching: Offer "solution seekers" with a particular challenge the opportunity to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and gain solutions via a facilitated peer learning process.

Facilitation: Partnered with Bay County LEAD Coalition to co-facilitate community dialogues exploring solutions for reducing youth violence

What Clients & Collaborators Are Saying

“I'm so appreciative of the presence you brought to our calls, especially your ability to reflect & clarify comments & questions, your eloquence & ability to integrate new information within the tools (or use of them), and your calm centeredness” 

Jessica Conrad, Strategic Communications Manager, Garfield Foundation

“Rachael's workshop for our Domi staff to explore our team agreements was eye-opening. Her methodical approach provided concrete data and identified a brewing concern before it became a critical issue. We are a better-adjusted and cohesive team today thanks to Rachael's keen insight and engaging facilitation.” 

Antonio Montoya, Executive Director, Domi Station

 "Rachael is a joy to work with -- simultaneously a grounding force and a bringer of fresh perspective.  She is diligent and organized, and gifted at both creating forms/structures that draw out people's best thinking and work, while "reading the room," flexing, and responding when and where needed.  She brings her whole self into the work she does and creates space that invites others to do the same."

Alice Evans, Executive Director, Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network



  • Facilitation

    • ​Group Facilitation for Effective Outcomes

    • Multi-Stakeholder Engagement

    • Customized Workshop Design and Facilitation

  • Consulting

    • ​Capacity, Needs, & Agreements Assessments

    • Organizational and Community Capacity Building

    • Process Design for Creating Values-Aligned Strategy and Operationalizing Equity

  • Peer Coaching & Thought Partnership

    • ​Shift Ministry and Programs from Service to Justice

    • Develop a Better Understanding of How White Privilege Operates Systemically, Culturally, & Interpersonally and How to Apply this Deepened Understanding to Your Life and Work

    • Explore New Tools and Approaches for Successful Collaboration 

Do you have an opportunity or challenge that you don't see here? I'd love to to think more about how we might work together.


Email me at Rachael@ResistReimagine.com