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Hi, I’m Rachael Reichenbach

I am a consultant & facilitator, dedicated to deep, systemic change. I use tools & practices from deep equity and systems thinking to support organizations through the process of moving towards their deepest aspirations.
How we do our work determines the quality of what we're able to create. My role is to support you and your team to bring your ideas to life and do your work in a way that aligns with your values and meets your goals.
“The moment we live in calls for a unique kind of expertise--the ability to see and hold the big picture while bringing exquisite skill to the immediate issue. Rachael's unique combination of insight, facilitation skills, systems thinking, and empathy make her a powerful partner in a change effort. Her orientation to justice and personal integrity quickly creates trust across many of the challenging divisions of our time.”
Joseph McIntyre, 10 Circles
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